Collecting new leads made easy.

Emperia is our lead management app for maximally efficient and simple collection, management and follow-up of your show contacts.

Forget business cards, Emperia is our very own scanning tool which gives you the ability to scan every one of your sales leads over the show. Unlike any other lead scan tool, this app also emails your leads with a personalised copy of your business listing. 

  • Request as many logins as necessary – or share the same one.
  • Add extra information to each lead after scanning to prioritise your follow ups.
  • Works offline - All scans are saved on your device to be synced later.
  • Download your leads at your convenience – during or after the show.
  • Our team will be onsite at the event to provide any support you may need.

Emperia is perfect for maximising your leads at a show

The show floor at events can be a fast paced environment! It requires a badge scanning solution that is simple,  flexible, fast, and can run on a regular mobile phone.

Emperia captures trusted data from the visitor badges used for show registration, and can be used by multiple stand staff, so you never miss a lead.

Ideal for new product launches and brand building 

Printed brochures incur a lot of cost and waste at a show. Emperia supports going paperless by email digital content to scanned visitors automatically.

Create customer questions in Emperia to digitally collect feedback on a newly-launched product. Stand staff can even add notes and a star-rating to high quality leads.

Download a full lead report after the show.

Simple and lightweight

Emperia is a compact app that doesn't weigh down your device and is intuitive to use.

Share contact

Share your contact details digitally with the visitors you scan.

Offline capable

No internet connection? No problem! All scans are saved on your device and can be synchronised later.

Multiple users

Your team can log in across multiple devices. Without any additional costs.

Data export

Download your leads whenever you want, during or after the event.

Rating and notes

Add information and a rating to each lead. This allows for effective and personalised follow-up.

Emperia Lead Scan 'How To' At A Glance

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and log in with the Company Access Code.

  2. You will receive your Company Access Code by e-mail 2 weeks before the start of the fair or you will find the Access Code in the Exhibitor Hub under the Emperia section.

  3. Want your team to have access? Simply share the Company Access Code with all employees who want to use the app on the stand so that they can log in and use the app.

  4. Create your own lead sheet under the 'Custom Questions' section.

  5. Upload up to three documents to share with visitors in the End of Show Report.

    This will give you their leads as a CSV or Excel file:

  6. Log into the Exhibitor Hub.

  7. Navigate to the Emperia section.

  8. Download the list via the Excel or CSV button.

Download and get started

Emperia is already included in your stand package, so there are no additional costs. Simply download the app, register and benefit from the smart way to collect leads.