About Reed Gift Fairs

About Reed Gift Fairs

Trusted for over 50 years to put premium products in the hands of a discerning buying audience. 

Reed Gift Fairs is Australia’s leading retail trade fair and largest showcase of premium and emerging wholesalers. We connect market leading wholesalers with more credible retailers than any other platform. Our fairs have been running for 50+ years in Sydney and Melbourne, bringing the gift & homewares industry together for inspiration and discovery timed perfectly during the two peak buying seasons of the year.

As A Whole...

Reed Gift Fairs supports and grows the retail industry through a premium, customer focused trade experience, connecting market leading wholesalers to credible retailers. We demonstrate a point of difference at every touchpoint, with the passion and professionalism of our people, the driving force behind 50+ years serving the retail industry.  

For Our Exhibitors

We make it easy for you to meet new buyers by using our powerful platform to help you excel at what you do. Our experience gives you a reliable partner to work with, and an unrivalled benefit from premium customer service, technology and marketing tools, that reach a wide audience.

We lessen the work to get your product to market through our longstanding relationships with our suppliers. We create a professional and enjoyable environment to return to no matter what stage of the cycle you are in. 

For Our Visitors

We provide an easy, one stop destination to find everything you need to create a unique experience for your customer. We deliver variety and scale in an easy to navigate format, with the planning tools to make being away from your store, a more than valuable investment of your time. 

We provide enough new, and quality, content to give you a reason to return; we make it easy for you to choose us. 

What We Value:

  • We are an immersive hub for retail; a home that welcomes a return
  • We are a premium experience created through professional service
  • We are united in a shared goal, and trusted to deliver success
  • We strive to innovate, adapt, listen and inspire
  • We place meaning in our connections; past and present, and cultivate thriving partnerships in the truest form

About RX Australia

About RX Australia

RX Australia is in the business of building businesses so everyone can thrive whoever and wherever you are. We run events across a wide range of industries including: energy, waste, retail, medical and gaming.

We help both our exhibitors and our visitors flourish in their respective communities, opening new doors for their business in local and international markets. Together with our global partners, our goal is to expand our role, building on our flagship events and leveraging our capabilities in data and technology to create all year round communities that support businesses, and help our customers to continually grow.

RX produces over 400 events in 42 sectors in 22 countries, in-person and virtual. Our events are diverse, inclusive, impactful, commercial experiences where you can build your business and thrive, whoever and wherever you are.

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