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How to turn the COVID-19 crisis into opportunity for your business

Like many of us, COVID-19 left an indelible mark on my business, We the Wild Plant Care. After spending 4 years developing plant care products that are better for plants, people, pets and the planet, our ‘go-time’ coincided with the pandemic rearing its ugly head. We rapidly found out that managing your business is hard at the best of times. But during a pandemic? Almost impossible!

With crisis comes opportunity, so I wanted to share some core lessons that can help businesses like mine not just survive, but thrive.


More than ever, customers are looking for businesses that clearly stand for something. What is it that does (or could) set you apart from the rest? Is it your convenience? Is it your quality? Is it your service? At We the Wild, we believe that customers shouldn’t have to be burdened with complicated, chemical based products that make it harder, not easier, to care for plants. That’s why our products are safe to use on all plants, at all times of year, and are made from worms, not machines. We confidently keep our ‘why’ in the back of our mind at all times. What’s yours? 



If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the businesses that prosper, are those that can adapt. Build regular checkpoints into your weekly, monthly and annual schedule. Use these sessions to research your industry and your customer. What do they want? Want brands do they buy? Where else are they shopping? Think about what they want for the future, and how you’re going to adapt your business to meet those needs. 


Every person in your business holds a golden idea. Harness it. My mission for We the Wild is to become the most loved plant care brand in the world. The only way we can get there is by helping our entire workforce feel engaged with our products and our customers. We frequently collect to share our ideas, aspirations and challenges. 


It’s no secret that the pandemic has fast tracked online shopping behaviour, but digital connectedness is nothing new. Go digital - fast. Look at tools to help with your website management and support it with a strong online marketing plan. Remember, a website is your online shop front, so think about how you want it to look and feel. 

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Josh's Tips to Get Ahead

·         Listen to your customers 

·         Develop a mission statement 

·         Invest in your website 

·         Look local when it comes to supply chain 

·         Schedule regular business ‘health checks’ 

Published 1 February 2021