5 Minutes With...

Super Amazing

Describe what you do in 5 words:

Wholesale Fashion Jewellery & Hair Accessories.

Finish this sentence: your customers love your business because...

We love their businesses in return! We work hard to make sure our customers have the products they need to achieve sales success. We do this by keeping customer feedback top of mind when developing our new ranges.

What does a day in your ‘new normal’ life look like?

Product development never stops at Super Amazing so it has been nice to have the time to relish in it. Also, we’ve been analysing our industry from different points of view by reading the many newsletters and subscriptions that we would not normally have the time for.

Something we might not know but will be glad found out about you/your business:

Mardi spent her early years designing for some of Australia’s biggest brands. Oroton, Morrissey, Swarovski – just to name a few. In fact, Mardi has only ever worked in the fashion accessory industry, and with that comes an enormous amount of product knowledge that our team and customers benefit from.


Retail Right Now

How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

85% of the businesses we supply have temporarily closed their doors. Unsurprisingly, sales have dropped significantly.


How have you had to innovate your customer experience?

This has been a delicate area to navigate. We did not want to actively market to our customers in a time where their businesses were closed, but at the same time wanted them to know we care and are here, working on our brand and business during the lockdown, just as they are.


How are you managing your team at this time?

We foster a culture of positivity at Super Amazing, which has helped our small team stay calm and confident during social isolation. Opportunities to learn new skills have also been encouraged, everything from product photography, website maintenance, and brushing up on new software features.


What feedback have you got from your customers on how it is to be in retail right now?

Retail has never had it tougher. However, we have so many incredible customers thinking outside the square on how to best serve their customers right now, and we find that inspirational. 

Where the retail industry will land:

We believe this will be a small retailer's time to shine. Restrictions may remain in place for some time and we think ‘high street’ and ‘stand-alone’ stores will benefit as they have better control over their environments and can give a more personalised customer experience, which we are all craving right now.

The secrets to getting a customer to return for more:

Great products at fair prices with good sell through.

What are your bestsellers?

Our customers have a knack for finding the best sellers. Stop by the stand to see if you can find them too.

What is the key element of a successful trade event?

Buyers and exhibitors, and lots of them! Trade fairs need the numbers to attend to ensure both established and new exhibitors see the value in showcasing their products and buyers find the value in attending.

As a businessowner, share your thoughts on how we pull through the next 6-12 months together – in a way that talks to how the retail industry plans to move forward and recover:

As restrictions lift and consumer confidence returns, no doubt we will see an early positive recovery. 

However, as the full ramifications of the total business shutdown unfold, sales expectations should remain realistic. 

There are a number of Australian Retail bodies forming policies around the ‘new protocols’ in retailing – don’t pack away your hand sanitizer just yet.

As a wholesaler, we are being careful but optimistic and will continue to bring quality new ranges to the fair as we always do.

We are already offering longer payment terms and encourage our customers to talk to us as often as they like. Sharing ideas and info in a good old chat can sometimes make all the difference.


Super Amazing is a quality wholesale jewellery and fashion accessory supplier based in Melbourne, Australia.

Published May 2020.