VIP Benefits

As a valued VIP buyer at Reed Gift Fairs you receive the added perks of having your visit made that little bit easier. There is a VIP lounge available for you to relax and enjoy light refreshments; meet colleagues away from the hustle of the event or take a time out to plan your next order. 

Membership entitles you to:

  • Access to a VIP only lounge with dining and unlimited tea & coffee
  • Daily 'Happy Hour' 4 – 5pm in the VIP lounge with complimentary cheese and wine
  • 20% off discount tickets to Retail Therapy with an exclusive code
  • Occasional added special offers from our partners and friends 
  • Access to a complimentary cloakroom service so you can roam the show floor hassle free.

How do I become a VIP buyer?

Membership is based on a mix of historic loyalty and exhibitor nomination - your top suppliers can put your name forward through our exhibitor manual to be registered as a VIP guest to the event. 

Registration Information:

Reed Gift Fairs conduct annual audits of our VIP buyers and reserve the right to update your status if you have not attended any events throughout the year, in order to maintain the quality of our program. Upon registration, if your confirmation email does not mention VIP and you believe you are a current member, please reach out to our team.