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How to Recharge Your Marketing in Just 3 Hours!

 “There’s so much we should be doing; I just don’t know where to start!”  
We hear this time-after-time from retailers who are just starting out. Can you relate? 
You spend your days consuming ever titbit or marketing advice Google has to offer only to drop it in the mental bin days later. 

Exhausted, you sell your soul to a Marketing Guru. They’ve promised you overnight success on a silver platter...they deliver jack all! 

Finally, completely deflated, you give up. You throw in the towel and scream to the sky “WHYYYYY! WHY CAN’T I DO MARKETING!”  
That’s our cue to step in. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed when you’re just starting out. Our advice is always the same: focus on the fundamentals, nail the basics, learn what your customers like, and build from there!  
And this is all we ask. Block out just one hour for each improvement area (3 hours in total) to cover off these three simple steps. 

Get Organised!

 Clear the mental clutter and regain your sense of purpose and direction! 
Before you wade into the marketing world, you should be able to answer these questions with confidence and clarity.  
1. What’s your marketing plan? We don’t expect a manifesto, simply consider;  
Who are your customers?  
What problem do you solve for them?  
Why do they buy from your brand (over your competitors)?  
How does your customer interact with your brand?   
2. What are your marketing goals? Be specific, where are you at today in the core areas of your strategy and where do you want to be in 90 days?  
For example, today your email marketing strategy may be non-existent, in 90 days you may aim to have 100 contacts on your subscriber list.  

3. How will you achieve this? 

How do you (or your team) work currently?

How many hours a week do you set aside for marketing?

How do you organise your projects, tasks and priorities? 

Starting Fresh with Social Media

 Exhale! We won’t ask you to get on TikTok or spend every waking hour monitoring your social. 

A trustworthy and authentic social presence is less about you, and more about your customer. Less about your products, more about the problem you solve! 
If social media leaves you in a fluster, start here!  
1. Create or audit your profiles  
Are your social media bios, profile pictures and cover photos up to date? Do you have a link back to your site? Can your customers contact you?  
Before turning to content creation, take the steps to ensure your profiles are an accurate reflection of your brand.  

2. Mood board like a mad woman (or man!)   
Despite our best efforts, we all spend a little too much time on social; let's make that time productive. 

Start collecting examples of posts, captions and accounts that inspire you. Stitch them together to form your content mood board.  
3. Plan just 9 posts 
Now comes the fun part! Looking at your mood board, pull just 9 post ideas that you really like. Consider how they can be reworked to fit your branding, vibe and customer goals. 

Mastering the Email Marketing Machine

Email marketing is a best to behold with more gadgets and gizmos than a Thermomix. It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of overwhelm, so today we will focus on just three easy steps you can complete in less than an hour.  
1. Audit your account  
Keep in mind that your operating address, contact email and permission reminder are all mandatory fields in your email footer. Before you hit send, ensure the data you have in your account settings is accurate.  
2. Check your contact feeders  
Where are your new subscribers coming from? Check that you don’t have a form or pop-up shooting them down a blackhole of nothingness.  
When it comes to data collection, the earlier you can instill good habits, the better!  
3. Set up some grab-and-go templates  
Time dedicated here will save you hours in the long run!  
Start by designing a super simple email footer and header for your emails. Use your brand colour(s), font and logo to create something you can reuse time and time again.  

Check out to soak up some inspiration, find some templates you like, and make them work for your brand. Start simple!  

Our Top 5 Tips!

Become crystal clear on your WHO, WHAT and WHY before focussing on your how (your marketing).  


Remember the 80/20 Rule – 80% of your marketing should be about your customers, 20% should be about you and your product. 

Quit trying to keep up with the Joneses – Customers are loyal to businesses that are authentic and considered.  

ABT (Always be testing) - Your marketing strategy should be a continual work in progress.  

Lean on your community – There are some total gems in the Aussie Retail community, connect and learn together. 


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Published 1 February 2021