5 Minutes With...

Pilbeam Living


Name: Catherine Pilbeam   Role: Director of Design 

Years exhibiting with Reed Gift Fairs: 1st year with Reed 20 years with AGHA

Product specialty: Kids & Gift 

One word to describe what you do: Create

About Your Business

Describe what you do in 5 words: 

Create amazing products with great service


Our customers love our business because... 

… We love our products and it’s catchy. 

What makes your business different to others who share the same audience as you?

We know our customers’ needs better than anyone else.


Something we might not know but will be glad found out about you/your business: 

In house designs and our Heat packs are made by a Community program supported by three charities built on a need to empower those who need support. They are Gluten free filled with Lupin. This is us giving back to the community.

Retail Right Now

What is the most significant change to happen to your business from the impacts of COVID-19?

A functioning virtual showroom where our customers can buy off the shelf.

What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in your customers over the past 12months?

Re-inventing and looking at creating new categories within their business’s.

How has 2020 – the year that was - changed your perception toward what you do/how you operate?

Made us work smarter and use technology to a higher level.

Your Thoughts On...

The creative process behind what you do/how you stay inspired:
Research, focus groups & passion.

Bounce back and focus on what you do best.

The secrets to getting a customer to return for more:
Great customer service & support, taking an interest in all our customers equally no matter how big or small.

Looking Forward

What is your #1 bestseller that we need to know about?

Giant Nursery animals that take up to 100kg for you to sit on them.


What is the key element of a successful trade event?

Getting numbers through the door.


What are your observations on the challenges/and opportunities ahead for our industry in the retail recovery process?

That consumers are changing their buying habits so keeping your instore product relevant to the needs.

Having an online presence as well as bricks and mortar is more important than ever. Making the instore experience more interesting and diverse.

Final Words

Look forward not back….


Published June 2021.