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Describe what you do in 5 words: Create a Point of Difference!


Our customers love our business because... 

… we offer unique and quality gift wrappings & stationery paired together with friendly, personal service.  Supplying Australian businesses for over 40 years, we’re a small trusted family business and are very proud of what we do. We absolutely love working with our products and truly believe “It’s not a gift until it’s wrapped!”


What does a day in your ‘new normal’ life look like? 

Some things remain the same in this challenging year but there is definitely a lot more planning to be had! We maintain a strong focus on preparing new products from Italy & Sweden but we have upped our customer support with a new & improved website, beautiful brochures and personal phone calls.


Something we might not know but will be glad found out about you/your business: 

Customers may not know that our full range of ethically sourced papers are made with water based inks and recyclable papers. All are made with renewable energy and the most interesting fact is that every counter roll of gift wrapping paper produced can be traced back to the sustainable forest from which it came from in Sweden.

Your top tips to getting a customer to return:

If you’d like a customer to shop with you again, it is vital to have the basics right:  a quality product supported with quality service.

Never discount the importance of a check-in phone call either!


How has COVID-19 impacted your business?

COVID-19 has impacted every business uniquely. For us it’s needing to be flexible and accessible for our customers and letting them know we’re here for them when they need us.
This time has also encouraged us to learn some new tricks of the trade including preparing gift wrapping videos. Together with local video production company contentstorytelling.com, we are super proud of the collection we’ve put together. It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for years!


How have you had to innovate your customer experience?

It’s really important this year to make sure our customers can shop with us in a way that suits them. A user-friendly website and ‘no minimum order’ is imperative but mailed catalogues and phone calls are vital for keeping in touch too. We love working together with our customers and have missed the face to face conversations this year. Although we’re adapting to the new challenges that this year has brought us we’re definitely looking forward to seeing familiar faces at the Gift Fairs next year.


What feedback have you got from your customers on how it is to be in retail right now?

The feedback we have received is completely mixed. Some businesses are keeping really busy and others are understandably finding it tough. Overall though I have been surprised and impressed by the positivity and resilience from our customers. There is a definite feeling that ‘we’ll get through this’ and everyone is keen to get to the other side – or at least settle into a new sort of normal.

With Australian’s forced to stay local and not travel, there’s an opportunity for shops to take advantage of this. It’s been great to hear some businesses thriving from this and we really hope the ‘shop local’ mentally stays with consumers for years to come.

Finmark provide a beautiful range of quality counter rolls of gift wrapping paper,
raffia & ribbons and gift stationery for Australian businesses.

Published October 2020.