Take a look through some of our frequently asked questions.

Show dates and booking deadlines

  • The show dates are listed on our homepage - you can click to quick access here
  • There are no application deadlines, we review all applications until a week out from the show or up until we sell out the floorplan.

Shell scheme, upgrade and custom build - what does it mean?

  • Shell scheme  refers to black Corinthian walling which as a basic stand booking includes carpet, lighting and signage. 
  • Upgrade refers to the option to add white, beech or coloured walling and/or flooring to your stand.
  • Custom build also known as "Space Only" refers to booking the sqm floorsplace only, and you have your own contractors build your custom designed stand.

What do you mean by Product Categories?

  • Reed Gift Fairs events are categorised into four main categories: Fashion, Kids & Family, Home plus Surprise & Delight (Gift). We also look to add new categories for added variety depending on buyer demand and exhibitor fulfilment.  These categories are continually reviewed and honed based off our visitor registration data and market trends. Overall, this strategy is to create a positive visitor experience as they can then plan their visit and find exactly what they are looking for using our Exhibitor Directory, floorplan categorisation and matchmaking services. 

What is the difference between the Reed Gift Fairs event and the Retail Quarter events?

  • Reed Gift Fairs Sydney and Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne are national events attracting a wider audience from around the country. Retail Quarter Melbourne and Retail Quarter Sydney are both regional events focusing on a more state-local audience from regional areas. Other varying factors include the time of year they are held, pricing, visitor numbers, the region the visitors are predominately coming from as well as the first time exhibitor packages on offer.

What is included in my stand booking?

  • This varies based on your type of booking: 
    • Space Only – physical space on the show floor and a standard listing in the trade guide plus PLI (public liability insurance).
    • Shell scheme – physical space on the show floor, standard listing in the trade guide & PLI (public liability insurance), walling, carpet, lighting and signage. 

How can I get additional marketing? 

Can I sell off my stand?

  • We don’t encourage exhibitors to sell off the stand as this leads to a poor trade event experience and promotes personal shopping. We support your focus to be on taking orders for your business - we do acknowledge that there are some cases where it may provide you added convenience to sell a few items off your stand to reduce shipping costs, and in this case, that is permitted only in the final hour of the final day. Products cannot be removed from the halls without a receipt and if buyers have not collected by show  close, they will not be allowed back in the halls due to the immediate safety regulations in place with move-out.   

Who can I speak to for logistics questions?

  • Our Operations Manager Brad Wheeler oversees the entire build of the event and can assist you with build and contractor enquiries. However a quick email to will see you in the right direction.

Do you have preferred suppliers?

  • Yes we do have preferred suppliers that we contract for all of our shows, however you are welcome to use any company of your choice.  We use Exponet for all of our onsite stand builds, lighting, electrical, furniture and signage. Agility manage our freight and the loading dock onsite.

What are my payment options?

  • We require 100% payment pre show with the below payment terms:
    •  10% required immediately upon booking
    • 45% payment required 3 months out from the show
    • 45% payment required 2 months out from the show

*Payment plans are also available upon discussion with our finance team.  

Refund and cancellations

  • 100% refund if it is within the 14 day cooling off period.
  • 3 months out from a show