5 Minutes With...

Super Amazing

Name: Mardi Craig  
 Role: Designer / Head Buyer
Years exhibiting with Reed Gift Fairs: 12 years
Product specialty: Fashion Jewellery and Accessories
One word to describe what you do: Create

About Your Business

Describe what you do in 5 words: 
Fashion Jewellery and Hair Accessories

Our customers love our business because... 
we genuinely thrive on serving our customers great styles at very fair prices with warmth and good humour.

What makes your business different to others who share the same audience as you?
We believe our point of difference is in our attention to detail. We make it easy for new customers to try our products and we make it super easy for them to do business with us.

Something we might not know but will be glad found out about you/your business: 
What you might not know is that we also work with large retailers in designing and developing ranges under their own house brands.

Retail Right Now

What is the most significant change to happen to your business from the impacts of COVID-19?

We have embraced many changes – no trade shows or on-road selling meant website upgrades and new product photography. We’ve also popped up a local showroom for our customers in need of a mini trade show fix.

What has been the biggest change you’ve seen in your customers over the past 12months?

The stellar creativity and dedication to engage with their own customers – it really has been inspiring seeing their successes during this challenging time.

How has 2020 – the year that was - changed your perception toward what you do/how you operate?

It has definitely made us more thoughtful about what we do and why we do it. We are very positive people and have done our best to ensure our customers feel supported and listened to this year. We have made many behind the scenes changes here too – removal of single use plastic and full factory audits for compliance just to name a few.

Your Thoughts On...

The creative process behind what you do/how you stay inspired:

I feel most creative when I am connecting an idea and solving a problem for my customers. Feedback from our customers keeps me inspired and always looking for new ways to bring designs to life.


We love what we do and this is the best motivation to keep pushing forward.

The secrets to getting a customer to return for more:

Always striving to provide products and services at fair prices so that our customers make a profit.

Looking Forward

What is your #1 bestseller that we need to know about?

Would you believe different styles sell at different rates in different stores? Our customers take the time to put their own stories together from our ranges based on what sells in their stores. One thing is for sure, everyone loves a killer earring.


What is the key element of a successful trade event?

We like to participate in optimistic trade events in which all players are concentrating their efforts on their customers. That the organizers make the event comfortable and easy to navigate for both exhibitors and retailers, that exhibitors bring new and relevant products to market and that retailers come prepared with their own sales data and buying plan.


What are your observations on the challenges/and opportunities ahead for our industry in the retail recovery process?

We must all be prepared to make changes within our businesses and our lives in line with how the situation develops. Retailers and wholesalers need to really understand their customers and how to service them. They need to be quick to change and problem solve along the way and find creative ways to keep improving their store and customer experience. Get good advice too – this has helped us immensely to keep focussed and spend our resources in the best possible way. 

Final Words

We all need to feel connected again – we’re sure Reed exhibitions can make April 2022 Sydney a most memorable experience for everyone.